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08 November 2003 - 01:36 AM

most of u dont care when someone makes a name change thread but i need the last few hcs to make it happen smile.gif

Mr.Freeman to <SocoM>

Cool game :)

04 November 2003 - 07:47 PM

now u want hl2 dont ya? well this should hold u over smile.gif.....


Another Steam Prob

08 October 2003 - 08:27 PM

hey guys i am recently having this problem with steam....

sometimes while playing a game i will get kicked from a server (for watever reason) and then my computer would crash.....

this was no problem until i loaded up steam again and when i click on a game a wanna play the "Preparing to play...." thing comes up and for a while it will do nothing so i click cancel. After that i click on it again and this message comes up "Cannot PLay Game. Try Again later."

so i try rebooting my comp, restarting steam, and nothing happens...i already ahd to reinstal steam because of this....can someone PLEASE HELP ME????

dinner YUM

21 September 2003 - 10:27 PM

so what are u guys having for dinner tonight? im having steak and potatoes!!! YAYAYYAYAYAAYYAAYYAYAYAYAY biggrin.gif  YUMMY


20 September 2003 - 05:05 AM

first of all i just was re-watching the entire e3 trailer and i was thinking about what everyone was saying regaurding the combine.

the first thing i noticed was in the Dr.Klieners(yup thats spelled wrong) Lab part. As soon as the combine scanners showed up something happened....the strider broke through the wall. this makes me think the strider iscombine and probally commanded by the combine. Have yu seen the strider attack a combine soldier? nope me either(correct me if im wrong).

Next, in the very begining with the g-man. remember the part when he says "listen closly gordan im only going to say this once..." then he says some alien sounding words mixed with jiberish. So i raise the question...Is the g-man alien? Because in the first HL he was way to cool when the shit went down and there were aliens everywhere. and those bright green eyes...freaky.

Last thing i though was that there are two kinds of aliens, the wild ones from xen like the hydra is(kills everything it can, also the antlion could be one) and the kind that are controlled by the combine(and or the g-man).

this is wat i have come up with and i think ive made some good points. Post wat u think.