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Modelers & Skinners Needed

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Posted 29 July 2003 - 04:48 PM

The Hostile Contact HL2 modification team is looking for a few good modelers and skinners. Prior experience is a plus, but not required. However, work examples are required. I have included a brief bit of information about our mod. If you have any further questions please either visit our website or email me at stealthcat@exodian.net. I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. If you wish to join us, please email me with any relevant experience and work examples.

Hostile Contact is a futuristic Half-Life 2 Multiplayer Modification that puts players in the shoes of either a Human or an Alien (known as Rhatizans). Both the Humans and the Aliens will be at odds with one another. The two teams battle one another to achieve goals, and the goals will vary based on the map. The game takes place upon the alien world of Vethis in the year 2130. The world has a very distinct alien feel to it, with lush terrain and a very tropical climate in many places. Other battles will take place on Earth or in space within human and alien controlled space ships.


The end of the 21st century marked a time of strife for all of the inhabitants of Earth. Wealth loving corporations became the power figures in every day living, and not an aspect of life remained untouched by their cold and greedy hands. Governments, united under a single group known as “The Scarlet Eye”, controlled all forms of media and living. Order, Discipline, Conformity – these were words to describe this dark page in history.

Resistance groups began to form to combat the oppressive government and the corporatization of every day life. These groups hungered for times of the past, and like so many reactionaries, desired the extremes. One such group, known as “the Mogantra” developed biological and electromagnetic weaponry that they believed could put an end to all forms of organized government, restoring humanity to what it once was in days long ago. In the year 2105, they unleashed their weapons upon the operation centers of countries all across Earth, throwing the world into a state of chaos. All of existence teetered on the brink of destruction as bodies tainted the once clean streets and all forms of electronic communications ceased to be useful.

By a chance of fate, however, a small space shuttle manned by a human known as Jarxis Telvis came upon an alien vessel in the year 2106 AD. Humans made contact with a new and benevolent species, known as “the Greys’ on this date. Willing to help the humans out technologically, and eager to gain an ally by prying them out of their plight, the Greys quickly introduced vaccines that put an end to the Mogantra’s virus. They implemented newer, better forms of communication, and provided replication devices that put an end to the need for the mining and coveting of raw resources. Corporations ceased to exist, and humanity began to rise to new ethical heights.

The Greys warned the humans of the time that a hostile race known as the Rhatizans also lurked in nearby space. Genetically engineered for battlefield skills, they stated the “Rhats” conquered every planet they came across in their sickening obsession with their own superiority. The danger was well noted, but as the years passed, humans began to ease up about the threat about them. Life was good, and the Greys were fair and respected allies.

Eventually, the year 2129 AD descended upon time, it was the dawn of a new conflict.

The forces of Earth cringed beneath tremendous resistance as battle erupted within their borders. The Rhatizans, having intercepted and killed all passengers of a human space vessel, found the planet’s coordinates and wasted no time in preparing a violent and unexpected assault. When Earth refused to unconditionally surrender to the Rhatizan forces, war erupted.

For the first time in decades, the streets of Earth dripped with blood and gore. Life was tossed aside with callous disregard as thousands of Rhatizan vehicles demolished the unsuspecting Earth forces. Despite the odds, through careful and skilled use of weaponry provided by the Greys, the humans were able to drive back the Rhatizan forces. As billions laid upon the streets critically wounded or dead, a new spark of fire ignited within the collective will of Humanity.
Aided technologically by their allies, the Greys, humanity gathered its defenses and prepared for an assault upon the Planet Vethis, home world of the Rhatizan Empire. There would be no mercy – vengeance would be had.

And thus we arrive at 2130 AD, a time of anger and a time of Hostile Contact.

There are no impossible problems, only impossible solutions.

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