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Really long image

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#1 nbnate



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Posted 06 February 2005 - 08:37 PM

This is something I've been working on with a few other people.

#2 Brent


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Posted 06 February 2005 - 09:11 PM

Wow that is awesome

That gives me an idea: A website with threads of images like that.
  • 500px tall, maximum of 1500px wide.
  • Anyone posts one starting image, then others submit entries for the next image, then so on...
  • Only one official entry is allowed per spot, the image cannot be changed.
  • Many people can enter for the same spot before it is official.
  • Upon starting a thread, you decide who choses entries to be official. There are three modes Auto (based on votes automatically), Admins(Default), or User(the thread starter)
  • You cannot make a new image without the previous image being officially decided.
  • One person can put an image in a collage every imagesincollage/10 rounded up and > 1.
I am going on a short spree and making this application because it is easy and honestly im getting fried working on HL2C all of the time; need something new for a short time(2 days)

Anyone willing to host this? Will not be very bandwidth friendly in the longer run but will not be too bad as the images will not be combined as a new image but rather linked with DIV tags, and OFFERED as a whole as an option.

Database Design:
  • Images - id, title, author, time, parent(start of thread images.id), left (image in thread that this is to the right of), auth (status: approved, userposted, denied)
  • Votes - Images.id, Author.id, Vote

Ya, rly.

#3 nbnate



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Posted 06 February 2005 - 11:14 PM

seems like a cool idea.

#4 Epit0miz3



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Posted 07 February 2005 - 04:26 AM

Cool picture man smile.gif, it is original.

#5 nimbus1951


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Posted 07 February 2005 - 06:40 PM

What a weird pic blink.gif especially the last face....
Now I'm gonna have nightmares...
user posted image
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#6 liepen john

liepen john

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Posted 07 February 2005 - 10:24 PM

QUOTE (nimbus1951 @ Feb 7 2005, 06:40 PM)
What a weird pic blink.gif especially the last face....
Now I'm gonna have nightmares...

Yeah, you're right it does look very strange. I don't see the meaning of it.
But it is nicely drawn though. Keep it up reardoes smile.gif
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LanoXide !!

#7 SputNik


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Posted 08 February 2005 - 07:57 PM

wow i really like it, very creative great idea great job!
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#8 Sephiroth


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Posted 08 February 2005 - 08:17 PM

Nice work! smile.gif
I wish i could to things like that in PS wink.gif

#9 Maxx


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Posted 14 February 2005 - 03:43 PM

very tits, ive participated in one of those before, funtimes were had by all smile.gif
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user posted image
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